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Reading and Writing are two of my favorite activities and to be able to share that with the world has me over the moon. The Princess Who Became A Pirate will be my first published book but it is not the first thing I’ve written. What other artists out there have journals and notebooks full of stories, ideas and illustrations for their eyes only? I know… cause that was/is me.

As my site is now, I don’t have much to click around on but follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates on new releases, freebies and promos!

Anicca Sommer
Children’s Book Author

Coming Soon

I have 2 exciting things in the works.

  1. The Pirate Princess coloring/activity book for the kiddos is AVAILABLE NOW as a free download Click to get!
  2. If you love the Pirate Princess as much as me you will want to get the themed gear. That is in the works as well. Aargh!